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You'll find picture books written for the tater tots (that's what I call the wee-ones) from the Daydreams Collection series and from the new Barnyard Collection series.


There's a very cool medieval trilogy, Aidan of Oren, written for intermediate readers, along with a young adult thriller (The Chronicles of Oren) sure to challenge even the most avid and courageous reader.


You will also learn about the wonderful, talented illustrators, Judith Friedman and Libby Carruth Krock, who create the magical pictures that help bring my books to life.


Author Visits

Every year, schools around the country invite me to come and share with their students what I've learned about the wonderful world of writing. We talk about necessary elements of story telling such as plot, conflict and resolution in a way that's fun and memorable for students and teachers alike. You'll also find my new multi-day inservice called Writing Olympics. It is an amazing (and affordable) program where the tables are turned and students get a crack at writing a story, while I get to work with them as the evil editor...mwahahaha! It's not only fun, it produces some truly amazing stories. The lesson, which is such an important life lesson, is that we don't settle for our first idea or for our first attempt. We work harder and the results speak for themselves.



There are pages just for you with information about my Author Visits, Testamonials, Books, Book Reviews, and Media Tools (great fun to show to the kids during library time!). You'll also find fun Puzzles for the kids!



I didn't forget you! There are pages just for you, too! You'll find Puzzles, a Picture Gallery and Tips for Young Writers!



Music lovers, you'll be treated to fun, goofy songs written for the picture books. Or, if you're in the mood for a more moving, inspirational sound, check out the music written for the Aidan of Oren trilogy. There's even a song written for the YA Chronicles of Oren called Lost in a Lullaby. Watch out, it's a little bit haunting. I've even included some of my personal music that I've written over the years.


Every underlined blue word or phrase is a link, so feel free to click away and explore the site. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your visit.