How did you become a writer?

My path to writing was quite unusual.  I had no intentions of being an author, and no illusions of getting published. I wrote the book, Aidan of Oren, The Journey Begins, to go along with other items I planned to sell in a new company I founded called Oren Village. It was a doll company, a collectible doll company.  I tried to mirror the successful business platform of the American Girl doll company by having my own line of dolls and books. The bad news was, in the post-911 economy, people just weren’t buying $150 collectible dolls anymore and my fledgling company did not survive. The good news is that Aidan of Oren got published and I was asked to visit schools to help market the book. That's when I realized what I truly loved to do…write children’s books and work with kids

Who is your biggest literary influence?

CS Lewis. He wrote for the right reasons, to leave something behind for his children and his grandchildren. His stories carried with them lessons for his children that were meant to teach them about life and to help them grow and mature.


When is your best time to write?

It varies. Sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, sometimes late at night, sometimes during the middle of the day. Inspiration hits when inspiration hits. If I were to be honest, inspiration really hits when deadlines become ominous. There is no fuel for inspiration like that of a tight deadline.


Why are you a writer?

First, I’ve found that writing is like breathing for the soul. It’s good medicine, regardless of whether or not what I write will be published. Also, I want to teach, and I want to leave something behind after I’m gone, something of value. But most of all, I write with the hope that my words can make a positive difference in the life of a child. There is no higher calling.