What is Oren Village?

 Oren Village is my publishing company...a company with a single purpose:  To write and design the very best books and music for children and adults.


But, what WAS Oren Village?

Although I write this with the full understanding that boys may very well laugh at me, Oren Village was…well, it was originally a Doll Company. Few people know that I wrote Aidan of Oren as part of a doll company I founded in 2004. I created dolls of each character:  Aidan, Lilly, McKenzie, even Damon the dragon, and packaged them in really cool medieval boxes that looked like an ancient book. Click on their names to see a picture of them. Unfortunately, the company did not survive through difficult economic times, only 500 of each doll was produced. Although some may call it a failure, I am so proud of the beautiful product we created from nothing; a product we developed and took to market all within one year! What a crazy year that was...  Also, I am so very proud of the team of indivuals that helped bring Aidan, Lilly, McKenzie and Damon to life, especially the incredible doll sculptor Maryanne Oldenburg. What fun we had! I believe one day they will become very sought after...I hope the people that bought them take very good care of them.