Grades K-2, about 40 minutes

Grades 3 and above, about 50-55 minutes

Writing Workshops, at least 45 minutes

Public Library & Family Night programs, 30 to 45 minutes

Can adjust to fit your schedule.



Audience Size:

With each school schedule being so unique, I am comfortable presenting to any group size ranging from single classroom to full school assemblies.



Assemblies for Grades K-2:

A colorful, multi-media presentation using poetic rhyme and verse forms the foundation of a fun and memorable journey into the world of writing. Children will laugh, giggle, and most importantly, learn that writing can be fun during this well conceived presentation...which is topped off by one of the soon-to-be-world-famous music videos! (Warning: Spontaneous Dancing May Ensue!)



Assemblies for Grades 3 and Above:

This exciting multi-media presentation introduces children to the world of writing by discussing and demonstrating necessary writing elements. The presentation deepens as I use examples from my award winning Aidan of Oren trilogy to illustrate how concepts such as Good and Evil, Conflict and Resolution are necessary components of story telling. This presentation forms the foundation for the optional writing workshops.



Writing Workshops for Grades 3 and Above:

These 45 minute sessions draw directly from the lessons learned during the assembly. Children are placed into small groups and treated to a progressive writing exercise that emphasizes team work and story structure while at the same time introducing the concept of genre.