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I've written music since the age of eleven. Alone. As the fates would have it, I never had any musical friends during my years growing up. I dreamed of one day finding music buddies and starting a garage band. But it was not to be. No garage band. Just life. Family. Work. Once, when I was bored, I even drew a picture of a band with elephants. It was just a dream...


And then, one day after being all grown up, I met Jay Robison. He was the piano player for his family of singers that happened into our church. We hit it off immediately. I recorded my first project with him based on music I'd played in churches over the years...a project called 'The Tree'. You can find the CD here on the website under the music tab and download it for free.


When I started writing books, I told Jay that I was going to write music to go along with the stories. He loved the idea and suggested that we create music videos from the songs. We had never done that before, but why should that stop us? We called Jay's brother in to help us, his name is Justin Robison. He's the drummer AND bass guitarist in the music videos. He's also a great guy who, like his brother, is musically gifted. And he's been such a good sport! We've put him in some pretty difficult situations in our videos. He's had to play in the African wilderness next to a lion (dangerous!) - we even made him confront a spider (ninja style!). Somehow he has survived.


Justin's best moment came in the video called 'Ugly Duckling' where he makes an incredible on-screen transformation. Or does he? The lesson of this moving video is one I enjoy speaking to students about. There is no such thing as ugly, but there is difference. We are all different to be sure, but the fact that we are all uniquely different is what makes us so very beautiful.


Click this link for the bonus video! Ugly Duckling